Life at Saint Gianna's


"Lord, let the light that has been lit in my soul never be extiniguised." -Saint Gianna
Who is Saint Gianna?

A Heroic Witness to Life

Saint Gianna Beretta Molla (1922-1962) was an Italian wife, mother, and physician who sacrificed her own life so that her unborn child would live. Gianna and her husband Pietro had three children, followed by two miscarriages and then Gianna conceived for the last time. During this pregnancy doctors discovered that Gianna had a painful uterine tumor. To have it removed would have caused the death of her unborn child.

She declined the medical procedure during the pregnancy and told her husband, "I renew the offering of my life to the Lord. I am ready for anything as long as my baby is saved." A few days after giving birth to baby Gianna Emanuela Molla, Saint Gianna died of multiple complications of the delivery.

The foundation of Gianna's spiritual life was a fervent prayer life that began at an early age. She saw her husband Pietro and the children that they bore together as gifts from God, given to her simply as signs of His abundant love, and this instilled in her heart a profound sense of gratitude. Their family, they prayed, would be a "cenacle where Jesus may reign over all affections, desires, and actions." She sanctified each day and all of the activities in it because of her desire to serve the Lord. She provides a lesson for all of those who strive for holiness in their everyday lives.